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Jean Mathurin 

Wedding Entertainer

I love performing at weddings and getting the couple as well as their guests engaged and involved in their celebration. I treat every wedding differently because every couple is different. I truly take the time to get to know my couples, Its my goal to personalize and customize each wedding I get the opportunity to perform at. I don't consider myself just a DJ or Master of Ceremonies, I am an entertainer and its my job to entertainer, control the flow and make sure that you and your guests are having fun at your celebration. My style of music is Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Top 40, Afro Beatz, Reggae and Kompa Music. I can also play some Latin music. When you invest in me,  your getting more then an entertainer, your getting someone that will be 100% dedicated to the success of your wedding, someone that will help and guide you during the planning phase of your celebration and someone that truly cares about you as a couple. Please reach out to me and or the team so we can discuss whats important to you, the details of your celebration and if we are a good fit for each other " 

-Jean #JeanTheWeddingCoach Mathurin

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