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11 Fun & Creative Ways To Get Your Wedding Guests On The Dance Floor At Your Wedding.

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

So the day you've always dreamed of is here. You can't wait to hit the dance floor and create a memory that you can cherish forever. Unfortunately, you are not sure if your guests will be as excited as you are. Nothing says fun like a packed wedding dance floor. Indeed, it is an ultimate sign of an amazing party and fun.

The only problem is that not everyone that comes to your wedding will be in the mood to dance. Fortunately, this article will show you some great ideas you can use to put your guests not just in the mood to dance but to hit the dance floor and dance like it's their day. If you can keep the dance floor packed with guests all evening, you will certainly leave your guests thoroughly entertained. At the end of the day, you will not only be able to create a memory you will cherish forever but you will also be able to give your guests a memory they will forever remember.

In this article, you will learn of fun and creative ways you can get your guests on the dance floor at your wedding. Keep on reading to discover how to make your wedding more fun and exciting:

1. Hire a Pro To Control Your Song

When you are planning your wedding, it is likely that a friend who is a "wanna-be" (aspiring) DJ will ask you to control your playlist. Avoid letting someone who is inexperienced with the wedding party to control your day. Instead, hire professionals such as your favorite band or DJ and give them the freedom to read your crowd and play the right songs. You can get the right wedding band and DJ when you read reviews online, do your research via wedding sites like Wedding Wire and the Knot and ask for referrals from other professional wedding vendors . You can ask your recently-wedded friends to recommend a band or DJ for you. There are about 50 songs that can be played during the wedding reception, make sure you allow your DJ/entertainer do what he/she is hired to do.

2. Take Song Requests in Advance

A fun wedding is all about giving the guests what they want. One sure-fire way to make your guests more interested in staying on the dance floor is to allow them to make their song requests on their RSVP. When you give your guests an opportunity to choose the song they want, they will feel excited to see if their songs will be picked.

Ensure they make the song request in advance. This will give you time to review the songs and make sure your trouble making cousin doesn't sneak in that song she knows you hate. If you don't know the songs, you can pass the list to a music pro to help you review them.

3. Avoid Interrupting the Flow

You can kill the mood and crush the momentum by interrupting the music once people are on the dance floor. According to music pros, it is important that you serve your entire wedding meal including toasts and speeches before you invite your guests to the dance floor. Once the dance starts, make sure it goes on interrupted.

If you want your guests to keep on dancing, you need to ensure you avoid normal traditions such as bouquet and garter tosses which tend to clear the floor quickly.

4. Try the Anniversary Dance Trick

Most people won't jump into your dance floor instantly. One trick you can use is to ask older couples to come for their anniversary dance. This is a fun way to get couples of all ages to join the fun. You can start by asking couples who have been married for a year to come up to dance floor for their anniversary dance, then follow this up by those who have been married for two years, five years, ten, twenty, and many more. You can easily pack your dance floor with this trick.

5. Ask Your Guests to Join Your First Dance

Don't forget to ask your guests to join you in your first dance. Since most of them are here because of you, they are likely to honor this request. It is a great way to put them in the mood for the main dance that will come up later. You can easily get your wedding party started by having everyone flood the dance floor for a dance with the newlyweds.

6. Plant Back-Up Dancers in Various Locations in Your Reception Hall

When it is time for dance, most people are usually reluctant to be the first to hit the dance floor. One sure way to get them to flood the dance floor is to have people dancing excitedly at various tables inside your hall.

Whether you decide to pay some people to act as backup dancers or you want to ask some friends nicely to do this job for you, they will likely get others in the mood to start dancing when they are dancing excitedly.

7. Arrange Seating Thoughtfully

Don't force your guests to seat with the person they don't know, this will make it easy for them to get bored. Instead, plan the seating in such a way that your guest will seat with people they get along with. This way, it makes it easier for them to get excited and in the mood to dance.

8. Avoid Going Overboard On the Slow Songs

You are likely to kill the mood of the event with a lot of slow songs. It is recommended that you only play between one and three slower tunes during the reception. In fact, anything that is more than 3 slower songs is an overkill.

9. Trick Your Guests With a Group Photo

If you suspect that your guests will be reluctant about coming to the dance floor, you should trick them with a group photo. Ask everyone to the dance floor to take a group photo with the couple. Once the photo is taken, drop a fun song and get people dancing immediately. Since your guests are already on the dance floor, they are more likely to stay there and continue dancing.

10. Try Line Dances

Line dance is still very popular in weddings today no matter what many people think. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to get your guests on the dance floor. Make sure you choose a line dance you will enjoy and one that is very popular so your guests can join and enjoy it as well.

11. Play a Trending Song

Don't forget to play a trending song. It is one of the best ways to put your guests in the mood to dance. Take, for instance, there was a time PSY Gangnam style was on the airwaves and everyone was crazy about it. Make sure you find the current trending song and play it on your wedding day.

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