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5 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Guest List

The #1 thing that will effect the budget of your wedding is yours guests list. This is by far one of the stressful activities couples struggle with during the planning phase of their wedding. Here are some simple tips to help you create your guests list like a power couple.

1. Split Up Your Wedding List: Its a good idea to split up your list between yourself, your spouse and your parents. Rest assured that your parents will have certain people they will want at your wedding, regardless if they are assisting financially

2. Design Your Master List: Make a list of everyone you would like to invite regardless of your budget and venue. You can trim this list later.

3. Come to Terms with the Fact That You Won't Beable to Invite Everyone You Know: The reality is you won't be able to invite you know. Your guests count will effect the venue you choose, catering, rentals, cake , favors, etc.

4. Come Up With A System to Trim Your List and Stick to It: Cut people you haven't spoke to for years, people you feel guilty about not inviting, children(if you decide not to have kids), your siblings boyfriend/girlfriend if they aren't serious or haven't been dating long, co worker/boss if you don't have a close relationship etc.

5. Create an A and B List: List A should consist of people you must have at your wedding, list B should consist of people who you would invite if you have room in your buget if your people on your A list can't attend.

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Jean "The Wedding Coach" Mathurin is a professional wedding entertainer in the New York and Washington DC market, owner of Incredible DJs, the host of the Wedding Workshop Podcast, author of "Wedding Planning 101 from Ceremony to Grand Exit" and a Wedding Blogger. He can be reached at or 571-429-3438

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