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Incredible DJs 10 Step Process to Help You Plan A Fun, Entertaining And Stress Free Wedding

As a wedding entertainer & owner of Incredible DJs we have performed at over 500 weddings. You get to learn a few things with that many weddings under your belt. Me and my team have developed a proven system to help our couples plan a fun, unique and stress free wedding. Below are the 10 steps we take to ensure the success of your wedding. 💍💍💍

1. We match you up with an entertainer that specializes in your style of music.

2. We personalize your wedding by getting to know you as a couple and what's important to you on your celebration day.

3. We assist you in putting together an entertaining timeline/agenda for your big day.

4. We help control the flow of your wedding day of.

5. We do a virtual or live site visits at the venue with all of our couples prior to your wedding day so we have an idea of what the floor plan is going to be.

6. We help our couples with selecting music for the ceremony, cocktail hour & reception.

7. What we enjoy doing the most is assisting our couples come up with some creative ways to get their guests engaged and involved in their celebration.

8. We provide all of our couples with a wedding questionnaire so we can get all the logistics down on paper.

9. Once the questionnaire is complete, we provide a wedding script from our entertainer for our couple to review and approve.

10. Once the script is approved we share that script with all other vendors on your team to ensure everyone is on the same page the day of the wedding.

My name is Jean "The Wedding Coach" Mathurin I am a professional wedding entertainer and owner of the Incredible DJs, host of the Wedding Workshop Podcast, author of "Wedding Planning 101 from Ceremony to Grand Exit" and a Wedding Blogger. You can reach me by email at or text/call 571-429-3438 Please comment, share and like.


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