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Planning Your Wedding with Brandon from Brandon Elizabeth Events: Having A Backup Plan

Planning Your Wedding with Brandon from Brandon Elizabeth Events: Having A Backup Plan

As a newly engaged couple planning a wedding is an exciting and daunting task. Speaking from having planned my own wedding two years ago... My wife actually planned 98% of our wedding lol. There is a lot of responsibility when planning a wedding from figuring out your budget, creating your guests list, picking your venue and vendors, creating a seating chart etc. Investing in a professional wedding planner is a key component to the success of your celebration. Many couples think they can handle the planning process themselves and many venture of and after three month in they quickly realize that they need professional help from the expert. Your planner doesn't create the vision for your wedding they simply help your vision come to life by executing on the many detailed task that need to be accomplished leading up to your big day.

It was truly a pleasure speaking with Brandon for this weeks episode. I've personally worked with Brandon at several weddings and I love her style and approach to weddings. We discuss

  • Advice she has for couples planning their wedding amid covid19

  • The difference between day of and full wedding planner

  • Decor

  • Having a backup plan

  • Skills to look for when investing in a planner and much more

  • Steps to book her services

You can reach Brandon directly at

Planning a wedding can be time consuming, expensive and stressful. The purpose of the Wedding Workshop Podcast is to help engage couples plan a fun, entertaining and stress free wedding. Each week I invite a wedding pro that is an expert in their field to discuss current trends, tips and advice that will help you plan a successful wedding. A new episode is uploaded every Wednesday at 12pm. Subscribe and listen to the podcast. Please like, comment and share your thought on this episode.

My name is Jean "The Wedding Coach" Mathurin I am a professional wedding entertainer and owner of the Incredible DJs, host of the Wedding Workshop Podcast, author of "Wedding Planning 101 from Ceremony to Grand Exit" and a Wedding Blogger. You can reach me by email at or text/call 571-429-3438.

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