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What To Look For When Investing In A Wedding Photographer

Wedding Vendor: Debbie Ringle

Industry: Photography 


Debbie Ringle was my first Interview on this Podcast and I will forever be grateful to her. I've had the opportunity to work with Debbie on many weddings and all I can say is she does some amazing work! In this episode we discuss what to look for when investing in your wedding photographer. Selecting a photographer for your wedding is one of the biggest decision you will make while planning your wedding. The pictures taken at your wedding will last a life time. Future generations will look at your wedding photos and what will they say about you and your wedding day. Debbie explains that its not just about the skill or talent of your photographer but also their personality.  

Topics of Discussion. 




Skill Level

Experience and more

I hope you enjoy listening to my conversation with Debbie as much as I enjoyed recording it. As I mentioned earlier this was my 1st interview so the audio isn't that great and and some points in the beginning you will hear the interview drop out, just keep listening she will come back on. Like I said it was my first podcast interview ever.  If you are in the Virginia market and looking for an incredible wedding photographer contact Debbie today at

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