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Where Do These Wedding Traditions Come From

Every wedding is different because every couple is different. There are many different traditions at weddings but what do they mean? I always encourage my couples not to think so much about tradition but what's important to you... and maybe your parents, we don't want to hurt any feelings.

My best advice is to "DO YOU" always remember that this is your wedding and you should do what works for you. I've performed at hundreds of weddings and I've seen many different traditions from the Bouquet Toss to the Wedding Cake. I will say that I have seen more cupcakes and donuts, and that the whole point of this post. "Where Do These Wedding Traditions Come From"?

Why do many couples tie the knot during the ceremony? And what's the meaning of the 1st dance? Join me on this journey as I research why and where these well known wedding traditions come from and how they have become part of our culture and society.

I will be researching the following: 1. Wedding Ceremony 2. Cocktail Hours 3. The Grand Entrance 4. 1st Dance 5. Father Daughter Dance 6. Mother Son Dance 7. Wedding Toast 8. Cake Cutting 9. Bouquet Toss 10. Garter Toss 11. Last Dance 12. Wedding Ring 13. Wedding Engagement 14. Wedding Dress 15. Bridesmaids 16. Groomsmen 17. Ring Bear 18. Flower Girl 19. Wedding Vows 20. The Wedding Ring

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