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You’ve Just Been Selected To Be A Bridesmaid: You May be Wondering What’s Your Job & Responsibility.

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

You’ve Just Been Selected To Be A Bridesmaid: You May be Wondering What’s Your Job, Duties & Responsibilities.

So you've just received the news that you are going to be a bridesmaid? Congratulations... You just landed yourself one of the most important tasks during a wedding. Moreover, your new position as a bridesmaid not only showed that the bride trusts but you are also one of her inner circle. If you are not sure what your duties are as a bridesmaid, you don't need to worry too much. You are not actually a maid, but then, you've just become more important than most of the guests that will be attending the wedding.

Being selected as a bridesmaid may look overwhelming but trust me; it is nothing you cannot do. Even if you have a fear of the public, you can still perform your bridesmaid duties flawlessly. All you need to do is know what your jobs and responsibilities are as a bridesmaid before the actual day. To make it easier for you, I've put together the ultimate guide to being a super bridesmaid. You will be able to learn your key roles and duties as a bridesmaid before and during the wedding.

Keep on reading to know everything a bridesmaid should do:

Your Top 10 Duties And Responsibilities as a Bridesmaid

1. Get Your Bridesmaid Dress Ready

Sorry to break it to you - being a bridesmaid come with little expenses. You will need to buy your bridesmaid dress and shoes. You can count it as the price to pay for the special position you have at the wedding. Ask the bride her preferred color and dress style. You need to get your dress ready as soon as possible. In some cases, the bride will cover the cost of the dress. However, you shouldn't expect this. You can cover the cost yourself at part of your gift to the bride.

2. Help the Bride Shop For the Wedding Dress and Accessories

Now that you've been elevated to a bridesmaid, you are not just an ordinary guest to the wedding. You are among the people other guests will count on to make the wedding a success. This means you will share in the blame if the wedding does not turn out a success. Thus, go shopping with the bride if you live near her. You can also offer your help with the decoration, a trip to the florist, wedding planner or craft store. Help in whatever way you can to make sure the wedding is a success.

3. Attend the Wedding Rehearsal

To make sure the wedding day is a huge success, you may need to attend the wedding rehearsal with the bride and the groom. Of course, it is not absolutely must that you be at the rehearsal except you are the maid of honor. But if you have the time, it makes sense to attend the wedding rehearsal to get more ideas about your duties on the wedding day.

4. Buy Your Wedding Gift

If you think you have escaped buying wedding gift just because you are a bridesmaid - you are wrong! Etiquette demands that a good bridesmaid should gift the bride a good wedding gift.

5. Pay For Your Makeup, Transportation, and Accommodation

You also need to make money available for your makeup so you look good. Note that you are responsible for your accommodation and transportation. On the day of the wedding, a special transportation will be arranged for the bridesmaids.

6. Attend the Bridal Shower

Don't miss the bridal shower except there are major constraints. A bridal shower is an opportunity for the bridesmaids to get to know themselves.

7. Show Up on Time and Get Dressed With the Bride

Make sure you show up on time on the wedding day. If it is possible, you and the bride need to get dressed up in the same location. However, if this is not possible, make sure you dress up on time and then come help the bride to get dressed and look beautiful for her day.

8. Bring Your Enthusiasm and Excitement

Show the bride and everybody how excited you are. If you are going through some stuff in your personal life, try to keep it to yourself and put on a very happy and excited face. Part of your core job as a bridesmaid is to share happiness on the wedding day. Make sure you put on a smile and show some enthusiasm. If you have any complaint, keep them to yourself or at least until the wedding is over.

9. Be the Bride’s Personal Assistant

Do everything within your power to make the bride's dream wedding come true. Act as her personal assistant. Run errands, attend to the guests, prevent emergencies, keep things safe and help in coordinating the wedding day and be really helpful.

10. Provide Moral Support

It is possible that the bride may break down with emotions on her wedding day. Make sure you provide a listening ear and moral support. Most brides feel alone through the period of wedding planning. She really needs a friend this time around. Ensure the stress is not too much for her and be around her to help calm her down when things are about to get out of hand.

Final Words

Hope you now know what are your duties and responsibilities as a bridesmaid? Do you think I missed anything? Use the comment section to let me know your opinion.

By Jean Mathurin aka #JeanTheWeddingCoach


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